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Manufacturing high performance Lubricants & Specialties
for Industrial and automotive applications.

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Manufacturing high performance

Lubricants & Specialties
for Industrial and automotive applications


Our products are manufactured utilizing world class additives and 100% certified virgin base oils to ensure the products meets strict regulations and specifications, necessary for enhanced performance while ensuring a longer service life of your machines and systems.


Ever produce is manufactured in accordance to International Standards. Every single product being dispatched is tested and certified with relevant “TC” by our fully equipped, state of the art in-house RnD & Quality Control labs, to ensure our clients get the correct product every time.

Our commitment to our client not just restricted to quality, but also availability. Our moto is to ensure you receive the the product you have requested on time and in time for your nest service cycle.


We help you understand and recognize which product is best suited for your machines and systems to operate at its optimal performance. At the same time we will help you analyze any and all problems with your production operations and provide you solutions which is more profitable to you.

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Manufacturers of the high performance & specialties lubricants for Industrial and automotive applications.
We are one among the foremost suppliers of industrial lubricants used in manufacturing, offering a complete range of solutions using our knowledge and expertise of your industry.
Our products are formulated and engineered to meet your specification requirements by providing maximum performance and enhanced service life, to ensure high profits at best investments.
We develop a wide host of custom made critical IMPORT SUBSTITUTE products.

Check out our wide range of lubricant products offerings to choose to product that best suits your needs.